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Why Shingles Loose Granules and When to do the Roof Repairs

The type of shingles that is one of the widely used is asphalt fiberglass which has become more protective and sturdier over the time. This is through the addition of granules. At times and as the roof ages, it may start shedding off granules that can be seen in gutters and on the ground. When this starts to happen, it’s time to inspect the roof and have any necessary repairs done.

Why should you be Concerned about the Loss of Granules

You should be concerned when the shingles start losing granules. Shingles are more resistant to fire and they have better UV rays protection when all the granules are in place. Thus, to protect your roof, you will need most of them since having all of them is not possible. This is the reason you should be concerned.

  • After Heavy Rain

If your roof or shingles has been around for long or at least 2 decades, you should be more concerned about the loss of granules. If there seems to be granules on the gutters and on the ground more than normal, it’s time to have the roof inspected. There could be repairs that needs to be done and it’s good they are done as soon as possible.

  • Loss due to Aging

Loss of granules could also be caused by normal aging of the roof. This is another point where spot repairs are crucial. The roof should be inspected and the affected shingles should be replaced. This kind of roof repair will prevent roof replacement that could happen sooner than expected. When shingles lose their granules, they become fragile. Stepping on them leads to breakage and since during inspection someone has to step on them, it’s best that the roof is repaired as soon as possible and when necessary.

The Meaning of Exposed Fibers

You have been seeing granules on the ground but you have ignored this. This definitely means that some roof repairs are needed. If there are visible fibers from the ground, your roof is probably already leaking or it’s about to. This is a problem that should not be neglected but rather repaired as soon as possible.

Spot Repairs

You do not have to worry about replacing the entire roof or having too many repairs due to granular loss. When you work with a professional roofer, they will inspect the roof and come up with the best way to do the repairs. In most cases, they will consider spot repairs if the damage is not extensive or does not affect the entire roof.

If granular loss has been a problem, talk to a roofer who can recommend and undertake the needed roof repairs. The more the loss of granules, the more the need for repairs. This is particularly when the roof is old enough. Granular loss is common during a strong storm, and heavy rains. If you can see exposed fibers on your shingles, do not hesitate to start roof repairs.